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Engagement at LIVE classroom

Killing features for classroom, webinar and web conferencing system


Easily and with no extra set up, voice communication is enabled among the participants of the session. Crystal clear HD voice is transmitted via webrtc and HTML5 technology.


All the participants can share their webcam with each other, presenter / tutor can restrict the webcam of participants and share only his or her webcam. The settings can be controlled easily by the moderator or session creator.

Public and private Chat

The tool is enriched with text chat in public as well as private mode. A tutor or presenter can chat with public or can char privately with a participant. Similarly, a participant can chat in public in the classroom or privately with the tutor / presentor.

Break out room

The tool is equipped with a unique feature called 'Break out room'. Using this feature, the tutor / presenter will take break for a while and during this break he or she can enter to the break out room with a particular participant and discuss as required. It is similar to the discussion while taking a coffee / smoking break.


A session can be recorded by just clicking 'record' button on the live class room. It can be paused, stopped and started any number of times and any time. Recording can be played back any time and can be shared as well.

Play Youtube link

During the class / session, you can select a youtube link and play it as part of your class/meeting session. The same can be shared as well.

Shared notes

You will get a unique feature called 'Shared notes'. This is useful when you want to write some note / text document along with the presentation and your main presentation on white board will continue as it is. So you can use whiteboard and your computer notepad at the same time.

Multi user white board

The great white board feature with multicolor drawing pens and lots of graphical annotations. They help you to write and draw anything you want and smooth too. This is equipped with multi user option i.e. tutor and participant can have their own pen and can write together on the board. Pen is differentiated with name of the participant being display as attached to the pen.

Dialer SIP number

Your class / meeting is available with a unique participant code. This code be used to join the audio through his mobile phones. Users can dial in to a telephone number given to you at the time of registration and then dial the pin code to get connected to the meeting on mobile phone.

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